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The Horse You Rode In On is Nick Stannard and Craig Alexander. Together they have been collaborating on various comedy projects over the years, culminating in the founding of The Horse as a vehicle for their comedic endeavours. Hailing from the provocative world of financial planning by day, Nick lives a secretive double life as an aspiring writer and producer across multiple art forms by night, whilst Craig, an award-winning professional actor, writer and film/theatre maker, is really just trying to avoid having a real job...



in development

Trainee Bomb Squad


Thirty-something naive brothers, Deano and Marty Colt (Craig Alexander and Nick Stannard) turn to amateur bomb disposal after the explosive death of their beloved Nan...


Desperate to escape poverty, wise-cracking Fettes ropes in his old military mate, Mac, into the body snatching game – stealing corpses to sell to the Elite. Nothing goes according to plan especially when their first corpse wakes up.


Black Dog

Feature Film

A strugglng comedy writer finds out that cracking jokes at the creature in the shadows might not be a good idea...






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Craig Alexander & Nick Stannard

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